SteamMachine Plus from HomeRight Review

With two small children running around the house, I find that I'm constantly cleaning up spills and food off the floor. I either get down and scrub them clean, or just pull out the mop, water pail and cleaner. I recently had the opportunity to review the SteamMachinePlus by HomeRight, I was so … [Continue reading]

Bellabe Review


I was recently contacted to see if I'd like to try a new great facial hair removal tool from Bellabe. I jumped at the opportunity as I'm not the biggest fan of waxing/plucking/threading, besides my eyebrows of course. This great tool removes that annoying peach fuzz hair and course hair from … [Continue reading]

Tea Sparrow Review

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My husband and I huge Tea lovers, myself mainly iced tea, my husband loves his hot. When Tea Sparrow contacted me for a review I was so excited to … [Continue reading]

HomeRight SteamMachine Review & Giveaway

As a mom of two young children, I try my best to keep our home tidy and clean. Key word, try. That means, toys are tidy, living area, kitchen, … [Continue reading]

November Snackbox Review & Giveaway

As a mother of two little ones, I'm very into picking healthy snacks out for them, myself and my fiance. We are a very snack happy family, something I … [Continue reading]

Countdown to Black Friday! $1000 Giveaway!

Black Friday Countdown Giveaway

Whose excited to start Christmas shopping? Or whose already started?. I picked up a few hair goodies and books for my little ones, but I can't wait to … [Continue reading]

Little People, Big Imagination! #FPLittlePeople

Having two little girls so close in age (18 months apart), I love that they enjoy playing with each other, for the most part. Some days they don't … [Continue reading]

Bloggers Wanted! Black Friday Shopping Spree Giveaway!

Black Friday Shopping Spree Event Organized by: Mom Powered Media Prizes: $1,000 {visa gift card, amazon gift certificate or select your favorite … [Continue reading]

Collector Bills at Swagbucks, collect them all and earn Swag Bucks!

Woohoo guess what!!! Swagbucks just announced their latest set of Collector's Bills will be available starting on Wednesday, September 18th. If … [Continue reading]

Resolve® Tip Exchange; dealing with those tough stains!

As a mother of two busy little girls, I'm constantly doing laundry. Them of course being the cute little princess' all day & everyday, they're always … [Continue reading]